Our Story

I was one day looking for available domain names to create a personal website to showcase my work and found Aero Orange. Aero Orange in graphical terms means Aero Blue or Sky Blue and Orange, I imagined Blue oranges flying and falling from the sky, much like the picture I created above. I was not that satisfied with the result and wanted to take the concept to the next level. Why not give the orange life and have it work as a fighter pilot in a world war two inspired pun filled adventure drama. Why not? and that is exactly how it all started.

The entire shows concept is punny but also serious, we love puns and horrible dad jokes so get ready for a wild animated adventure.  Too many tv shows and movies run by the classic 3 act linear story, get a problem -> fight the problem -> solve the problem. Here at Aero Orange we strive to make unique high quality entertainment focusing on the story. Everything from multiple main characters, mind boggling dilemmas and plot twists. We don't make children tv, we simply focus on making movies that have a great story without unnecessary language/violence for everyone to enjoy.   

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We are aiming for releasing our first pilot episode in 2020. If you want to talk to us feel free to get in contact with us on our contact page.

Thank you